Maksutov Cassegrain 1000mm lens (200€)

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Re: Modify an old MTO 1000mm f10,0 to a 920mm f7,4 !!!!!/ Mirror lens is not bad!

tomfz10 wrote:
Just Eur 200 there!

And kind of areview here: and here


If you want to have a tele lens that is not f10,0 and almost 1000mm, you can buy an old MTO (russentonne) 1000mm f10,0 and adjust it to a 920mm f7,4.

F10,0 is not ideal, so this is a sollution for the photographer who has not the money for a 600mm f4,0 witch a 1,4 or 1,7 tele convertor.

This adjustment gives a boost at :

Sharpness, brightness, and the colors are more realistic.

If the "f" nuber drops , you can use lower ISO and results in lower noise, more shutter speed.

The adjustment is done by :

1) Removing the two lenses in the tube.

2) moving the rear mirror bij moving the rear mirror housing 9,5mm.

Very high image quality for a very low price !!!!

see for your self  :

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