Swapping EM1 for A7

Started Oct 17, 2013 | Discussions thread
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Not proved and costly

Why buy something without seeing how it performs? Sony 35 mm and a kit zoom on paper offer no advantage vs. m43 other than lacking IBIS for the prime (not sure one should care about 0.5 stop thinner DOF vs. Oly 17/Pana 20).

If all the glass proves excellent wide open, this will silence many Sony opponents. But if you have to stop down to get the performance: what's the purpose? (I'm not a landscape shooter).

The risk the glass performs so-so wide open is high. This is the case with many NEX lenses and, given the mount is the same, may be the case with the FF system.

So return your EM1 and wait for a few months before deciding.


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