My New 1DX Has Black Spots.

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Re: Minute Particle as seen via Viewfinder

Mike921 wrote:

tvstaff wrote:

Sent the Canon 1DX for the affected camera due to the phenomena as per the Product Advisories for service on 14 Oct, 2013.

Collected it on 17 Oct, 2013. Discovered minute particle through the viewfinder with black spot at the center bottom.

Sent for service on 18 Oct, 2013 and managed to clean it. Tested it on site with multiple quick shots and again another curvy minute particle appeared in the viewfinder on the right top corner. Service staff again managed to clean it too.

As stated in the Product Advisories, it is stated under Phenomena that...In some units of the models listed below, there is a possibility that the following phenomena may occur due to wear caused by insufficient lubrication within the camera's driving mechanism.' So inherently, the affected Canon 1DX is a defective camera in the first place. It explained the frequent appearance of the minute particles even though the affected camera has been serviced as in my case as stated above.

Have written to Canon and awaiting their position to deal with defective camera such as this flagship, top of the range Canon 1DX. I do not wish to visit the Service Center whenever there is another appearance of the minute particle in the viewfinder. Worst still, if the camera failed to operate in the future due to the presence of the minute particle even after being serviced by Canon.

Wondering if there is any official statement from Canon that they are doing something to ensure it would not cause this minute particle again?

For now you cant use the camera for critical situations until it's fixed. I know war correspondents who refuse to use the camera because they can only carry one body at times.

This 1DX issue is more serious than people think. The 1DX as made today is indeed defective in design, manufacturing and in any attempts to fix, refurbish or abate the defective mirror box.

Please share your statistical data (total number of bodies manufactured, number of complaints received, service orders processed, repeat incidents, etc. etc. etc.).

Since Canon sent out a service advisory to ALL 1DX owners in ALL series 1,2,3,4,5,6 & 7 and I've had a defective 8, 5 and 3 I'd say that's 100%.

100% of every 0-8. Why don't you tell us how many 1DX's that is. So far I have a 300% fail rate so far. So for you you might say 100% are defective. I'd say 300%

if Canon comes up with a fix Ill be the first to say so .

And who are you exactly that makes you saying so such a big deal?

I'm the guy who got stuck with not only 1DX's that were supposed to be fixed after defective manufacturing... but also sent them back when the NEW camers failed and after replacing the Mirror Boxes with new ones... THEY FAILED AGAIN.

I'm also the guy who got an 8 that was NOT in the Canon recall and IT WAS DEFECTIVE TOO.

ALL AND EVERY 1DX from different production runs, ALL WITH THE SAME DEFECT.


But for all practical purposes I'm going on my 4th 1DX based on the very issue outlined in this thread.

Bad manuf. lots/runs do happen with all products (surprise!),

But Canon says it's 1-2-3-4-5-6-7 and NOW sees it's 8 too!! They ARE ALL made with the same defective piece of plastic rubbing on metal.

I don't want to minimize the unfortunate fact that you (and a few others) seem to be pulling product from the same run - but it does not prove that all 1DX's are or will be problematic.

WRONG!!! The 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8 ARE NOT FROM THE SAME production runs. They are ALL just using the same defective parts.

Again, if you have no data, you have no credible position making such statements. If all 1DX's are defective as you so certainly imply (again, where is your data?), there most certainly would be a lot more complaints than have been seen on a few forums.

Are you a FANBOY? What don't you get about 100% I see a lot of complaints online and work with TV and Photo Journalists who buy this equipment and USE it and EVERYONE is aware of the trouble.

The future repair bills and lack of reliability once the warranty is up are going to hurt Canon's most coveted customers. Honestly, if I were Canon, I'd be very worried. Its like a Doctor buying a scalpel that kills each patient, the doctor and the company all at the same time

And if I were you, I would be worried Canon will send me a cease and desist letter..... Keep beating this drum without substantiating data and see how far it gets you....

I'm not worried nor should the 100% of 1DX owners who got defective cameras have to worry about Canon sending us anything but 1DX's with redesigned Mirror Boxes for the 1DX that don't have the oil splash and defective Mirrow Boxes that turn the 1DX into a paper weight!!!

If anything, Canon should be worried about a Class Action   Push pros and the PRESS the wrong way with defective equipment to do their jobs and you get a very vocal and verbose group

A $7,000 body should NOT be having ANY of these issues!!!  Consumer or Pro!

The 1DX has issues.  Ergo, every person that owns a 1DX NOW has an issue.

At what point the piece of plastic breaks rubbing on steel is anyone's guess... but at some point the STEEL wins!!!

Canon could use a "Micro-Coat" of teflon on the plastic to help with this defect. Much better than "lube" that wears thin at some point.

To date!!!  No re-tooling, re-engineering or replacement of this plastic piece or the entire mirror box has been made public.

So every 1-2-3-4-5-6-7 and 8 Canon EOS 1DX is a ticking time-bomb.

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