Why is the SLT-A58 so cheap, any obvious reasons?

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Re: Why is the SLT-A58 so cheap, any obvious reasons?

It' a damn play between camera and lens tolerances. And maybe too much priority put into AF speed at the expense of accuracy.

E.g. body-A may work with lens-X but fail with lens-Y, while body-B will work with lens-Y. It is possible to make one given camera + lens combo work together; this is what Sony (Canon/Nikon) service usually offers to do. But this may make things worse for other cameras and lenses, so I'd not go this route.

My brother used to shoot with a Pentax; his internet research revealed that in Pentax land focus errors were much more rare - their cameras work harder (and slower) to achieve focus - make another hunting step or so.

The best thing for us is to boycott problematic products. It doesn't sound nice, but I'm already stuck with two A100 bodies with focus errors; I cannot even sell them without lying to a buyer. So enough is enough.

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