FZ70 or Fuji HS50?

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Re: John

Yeah, I know what you mean John, thanks. For me it’s all about OOC Jpeg quality too, always has been, especially above the base setting. I do, however, have slight concerns about the Fuji. I would be buying such a camera purely for long-end focal length and the HS50 appears to churn out overly soft results at full tele, which somewhat negates the objective for making a purchase and possibly enduring consistent disappointment against the quality I enjoy from my FZ150, which is truly wonderful to say the least.

One thing I find especially off-putting about the FZ70 (72) is the lack of a lens hood; I just don’t fancy a do-it-yourself job by making an attachment a manufacturer has no excuse for not supplying and which I find completely necessary for my style of shooting.

I’ve already handled but not shot with the FZ70, so the choice is on. When I have the chance I’ll go check out the HS50 and hopefully the supplier will allow me to snap a few long end shots to my own SDHC memory card so I can bring something home to view before I part with any cash. As things stand, I believe stocks of the HS50 will be around well into next year (possibly far beyond), by which time all manner of bazooka zoomed new models from various makers will be available too. The zoom race is clearly on! And I’ll give Canon at least until the end of October this year to release a replacement for their current 1200mm offering and may even look at the Nikon one too before ultimately deciding which way to go. Cheers…

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