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knowing photography...

Nigel Wilkins wrote:

Mike_PEAT wrote:

I KNOW photography...

Really? Nothing to learn?

Let's see, I've been shooting for 30+ years, I can set my camera without looking at the light meter (or using any automatic mode, including P, A, or S), done B&W and colour traditional darkroom as well as other historic techniques like bromoil, shot most film formats including process camera (a camera taller than a person that can use sheets of film upto 24"x36" (that's 2 FEET by 3 FEET)), worked with digital cameras since 1989, digitally edited images BEFORE Photoshop existed, shot most genres of photography including high speed photography, shot infrared and ultraviolet with flash...if I continue on this would go on for pages.

Only things I haven't done, xray, radiology, and nuclear photography.

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