Why are there no cameras with viewfinder on the right?

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Re: Why are there no cameras with viewfinder on the right?

Sonyshine wrote:

I can honestly say I have never met a left eyed shooter - camera or gun - I'm sure they exist but where are they?

We should meet

Amblyopia is estimated to affect a few % of the population, and if we assume there is no bias to the eye affected, then there say 2% of people who have to use their left eye.  Of course those who would prefer to are a lot less apparent because the design of cameras, binoculars, microscopes etc favours the right-eyed so they adapt.  Binoculars are easy - use a monocular.  Manual wind film cameras were always a pain, as were bolt-action rifles.  Motor winds and digital cameras are just a bit inconvenient, depending exactly what my nose presses against, and I haven't fired a gun for a long time.

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