Swapping EM1 for A7

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Re: Swapping EM1 for A7

tsammyc wrote:

Jorginho wrote:

It came down to one thing. In 5 or 6 years, it's realistic to say that smart phones would rival the EM1 for quality. They already compete in resolution terms in good light, and they're likely to keep getting better. However, there's no way they can compete with the Sony...not for a long time.

If that is so, it will be less than two years before m43s hits FF cam performance. Not that I think this is going to happen and I also do not think a iPhone will get to m43 level in 6 years. But if you are right, the next serious Olympus body out there (E-M2) would be in FF territory.

I would not go back either btw, for the same reasons you give. Just make choice and be happy. If you look at Michael Reichmanns site you'll see that that very skilled and experienced shooter is raving about the a7r. So have fun!

I've found that my Sony RX100 1 inch sensor from 2012 is already about identical to most current 12MP M43 sensors so technology does catch up fast....

I think you mean most current 16 MPixel ones. Well, that is true for the older 16 MPixels. But these all date from 2010 and have everything to do with the process used. The Sony 1 is so much better than the Aptina because of the process used to fabricate it.

Look at the 2007 Sony sensor for the Nikon D300. Then we see a huge jump at the end of 2010 with the D7000. A new process is involved here. We do not nearly ssee such a jump with the D7100. Because most likely the same process is used. it is just a different circuitry.

Canon sensors, for the same reason have remained the same from 2008 to 2013.

So I think using one sensor as an example about one sensor cannot be extrapolated in the way you do. Moreover: a fabriaction process change is a very costly business. You will not do that every two years or so. I think in general it will take 4-5 years because you have to make so much sensors to make it profitable. And not every process change will get you the same jump, as seems to be examplified by Canon 70D which is clearly a brand new sensor but still does not do much better than its predecessors.

Probably in another year, the 1 inch sensors will catch up to the EM5 sensor, which would give EM5 quality to something I can slip in my shirt pocket and much smaller lenses that possibly retract into the body. Although I'm happy already with my RX100, I'm looking forward to pocketable P&S cameras reaching current EM5/EM1 quality.

So no: I think it ishighly unlikely that the next year we see 1 sensors performing like the the current best m43s. Just liek we won't see E-M1 doing better than the 1,5 year old EM5. And we do not see the D7100 doing significantly better than the 3 year old D7000.

I have no crystal ball of course and I am also not an expert so yes: I could be wrong.

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