What was your first camera ever that sparked your interest in photography?

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Re: Kodak 1937 +/-

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RUcrAZ wrote:

Note the neat flip-up, lie-flat viewfinder; the prominent shutter button; the red exposure counter (8 exposures per roll!) and the folding carrying handle. Also, the compactness via use of extension bellows.


Did the shutter unscrew in order to use a remote type of cable? The red counter was a
strip of transparent red material to avoid fogging the paper backed film. The viewfinder
is very neat, could use something similar in some of today's compacts to supplement
the LCD on a bright day.

The features on this camera are truly amazing, and many should be imitated today.

The shutter button (the big one on a stalk) could be pushed/locked down so it would not be damaged. It would operate the shutter via a lever arrangement (the shutter was in the lens/aperture/shutter group in front of the bellows.) There is a socket for a screw-on cable release at the group. There is a tripod socket, but larger than the eventually standardized "1/4-20". There is a flip-out little metal shim which acts to hold the camera upright on a flat surface. And it has a self-timer as well. I quite agree that such a folding viewfinder would be great for modern cameras - I personally cannot "see" any LCD in broad daylight, and would never own a camera without a viewfinder (except for my cellphone, which I can only aim in the general direction, and hope to crop later.)

Kodak 1937 +/- vintage. Still works, but has been retired - too much hassle to find, load, process film.

I agree, these old cameras had just about everything you needed. The modern DSLR gives you an instant image to look at, but not much else really except bells and whistles!


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