Why to choose A7/7r over A77 ?

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Re: 4 adapters, might need 2 of them = $350 times TWO

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Moving to FF, and also moving away from SLT pellicle mirror will offset the loss of IS. The adapter however re-introduces SLT as part of the A mount adapter solution.

A problem I find with the later SLTs is it is hard to know what benefit IBIS is actually providing in real terms. I do not see a great difference when it is on or off in most shooting scenarios.

I also always had the impression that IBIS was a bit of a stab in the dark. It sometimes appears to do something, if that. I get around motion blur mostly through burst shooting. I shoot like 8+ shots, and then 1 or 2 come out without blur. Lot of work filtering out the blurry ones. I was thinking of creating a photo-organizing software that finds the blurry versions and tgas them for quicker reviewing and discarding.

Mike, if you're only getting 1-2 out of 8 that aren't blurry, then you're either using the wrong camera, shutter is too low, or something else is very wrong. Here's a 36 shot burst I did with the 5d3 - the buffer lasted long enough to track my son from home plate to 1st base (30 shots with a 1000x CF card). While the tracking and AF with the combination (70-200 II and 5d3) are pretty impressive IMO, I still got way more than 12-25% with my a57/a77/a99. Keep in mind this was at F/2.8!


Don't bother grabbing the large zip file in the beginning; just scroll down I have posted the shots inline.

Those are 1/640s shots. I'm talking about more lower light levels, indoors for instance. I resist using flash and prefer bursting and chancing. Also, recently a green house with butterflies. Lighting not so very good. I preferred keeping the ISO down. Speed had to be 1/60s in that range. No tripod possible. IBIS doesn't always make this possible. So I burst a bunch of shots.

In your case you are outdoors in very good lighting. Fast shutter speed.

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