Why to choose A7/7r over A77 ?

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Re: Why to choose A7/7r over A77 ?

Abhayks wrote:


Your photos are always good. I certainly do not have skills to match you :). The turtle image is just wow. Which lens did you use ?

Thank you..I have been at photography for a long time, started with a pentax k-1000 film camera. Like most anything you get better with time/experience.  I am still learning always from novices and pros alike.  I am not near the best photographer out there but enjoy it..that makes learning and finding your style easy/fun..though sometimes frustrating.  You will have  more skills than me someday if you stay interested and enjoy it. The lens used was a Minolta 35-105 macro 3.5/4.5. It is the older metal version.. a wicked sharp lens wide open even. they run around $75-$125 on ebay.

Not a good indoor lens as minimum focus is long on the lens. Gives a nice 3-d pop at times also.

When my a55 died for about three months it would randomly shut off...I would re-insert the battery and then it was fine. It happened approx. ten times in that period. the last time it made a 'rrrr' sound, then died period.  It might give you a time frame reference on how much longer your a55 wants to take photos? I was shooting quite often during that time also- thousands of shots if that helps*

Thanks again-brian

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