Purchasing a NEX 5R/T or 6 a bad idea now?

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Re: Purchasing a NEX 5R/T or 6 a bad idea now?

brownie314 wrote:

Elite83 wrote:

Don't see why they would just "drop" the rangefinder style bodies, they're what sets Sony apart from everyone else. And from what I've gathered over my years in the NEX forum, it's their highest praised "feature" that keeps everyone coming back.

I mean, who wants another boring DSLR styled camera body? Leave Canon and Nikon to take care of that nonsense. The big selling point of cell phones every year at release is how much thinner and lighter the device is, so (let's pretend for a minute Sony decided to stop making Rangefinder styled bodies in favor of models like the A3000 or some other hybrid)--why is the camera industry going backwards, for bigger, bulkier and heavier while cell phone are going for smaller and lighter?

If you consider this fact, I think that the rangefinder bodies aren't going anywhere. Currently, they're the only choice as far as optimum body size:sensor size, ratio on the market.


So smaller and lighter will always win? Tell that to people buying SUV's.

Actually I'd tell people buying SUV's that they are jerks.  I waste my petrol in an AMG32 SLK which is of course a far superior way of squandering the earth's resources!

And I don't agree that cell phones are getting smaller and lighter. My first cell phone was the size of a candy bar. Now I carry one that is much larger than that. So no, I don't think they are getting smaller and lighter.

This is true and a very unfortunate trend IMHO.  I really don't understand how we are supposed to fit phones like the Galaxy S4 (taking one example) into our pockets, and as for the 'Note' range (and similar from other manufactures)... words fail me

They are getting larger because that is the only way to make them more capable (larger screen, more buttons, larger battery, etc.).

No, it's not that.  The small Sony Xperia Arc was just as capable in most respcts as the bigger Xperia phones of the same generation and offered a similar size battery capacity.  My tiny Nokia 700 was every bit as capable as the much bigger Nokia 701 (rather more so in some respects) except for a deliberate hobbling of internal memory size and a deliberately undersized battery (marketing requirements to differentiate the two models)

There's no reason why the Galaxy S3 mini had to be so weak in comparison to the S3 just because of its size

The phone manufacturers are playing some psychological game by making the flagship phones so large, but I have no idea what it is

There is an optimal size for a device, and that size will be different depending on how you use a device. Smaller isn't always better. I have tried some of the really small mirrorless - to me too much of a compromise in useability. You may not agree.

No, I don't.  Nor I suspect will any NEX users on this forum

But DSLR's are still outselling mirrorless,

Partly because DSLR's do some things better and are more established systems (larger lens ranges etc) but also partly through customer ignorance and also a reportedly strange desire on some customers part to simply carry a big camera around to 'appear impressive'(!) and the desire to own somethin that 'looks like a real camera'

so I must not be the only person who is willing to carry a little bit larger device to get better ergonomics and functionality.

Sorry, but the point of NEX was to be small which is why most of us NEX owners bought into it

There are lots of large and capable SLR systems out there for you if you value those qualities, but there are very, very few small camera systems

Why are you telling us that the system we chose needs to change to be like all the other large systems just because you happen to like things that way?

Is there no space for diversity in the camera interchangeable-lens system marketplace?

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