14-150 good asa an all around lens?

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Re: 14-150 good asa an all around lens?

khaledgawdat wrote:

I had the choice between the olympus and panasonic and got the olympus 14-150 because i have EP5 and EPL5 and don't need lens image stabilisation. The lens performed much better than I expected for its zoom range and price. Beautiful colours, very sharp it will be the only lens needed until you buy primes. If you use panasonic cameras get the 14-140 panasonic

With E-P5 the nice IBIS works fine set for a half press stabilise, so any lens works fine.

With E-PL5 then the 14-140mm OIS makes more sense as you can get a stabilised preview without needing to half press. Plus of course with E-PL5 the OIS makes videos work a bit better.

What I'm waiting for a a good side by side comparison between the Oly 14-150 and the new Pana 14-140 to see which may be better. The OIS really is appealing to me with the E-PL5. I do have the Oly 14-150mm and may change if the Pana one is significantly better.

Regards...... Guy

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