Swapping EM1 for A7

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Re: The REAL deal breakers for me

sigala1 wrote:

Ulric wrote:

Lab D wrote:

sigala1 wrote:

The 35mm FE lens is the same size as the Olympus 17mm.

I find this amusing. People found one lens that is smaller than an Olympus lens, but obviously most Micro 4/3 lenses are smaller and many significantly smaller.

Making decisions based on cherrypicking is indeed curious.

Once again, remember that the A7 competes against the E-M1 with the f/2.8 zoom, and not the E-PM2 with the kit lens or a G5 with kit lens on sale for $350 to $400. And btw, I consider the G5 kit a good deal for $350, even though it's not a fun combo to use, but it's clearly not in the same league as the Sony A7.

A7 competes more with the E-M5 not the E-M1. Yes it lack the 1/8000 but the E-M5 is still better made than a A7. The build is similar to the A7r which again falls short of the E-M1.

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