C2100uz lovers - need help

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Re: C2100uz lovers - need help

I did not buy the C-2100UZ at the time, because Sandra was posing for me on the C-2500L (and she is still in my life, the C-2500L is not).

I will agree that the UZI is excellent for a 2MP camera - but I had the need to crop 2MP pictures from my C-990/D-490 - and those pictures pixelate from 2/3 crops and further.

Now I still own the 10MP SP-570UZ. It also uses xD cards, but not yet Micro SD cards with the adaptor.

The sad fact is that even the 10x zoom 14MP pocket P&S Stylus 9010 beats the SP-570UZ for colour separation, saturation and shadow detail. Granted, the SP-590UZ is more recent and therefore might be an improvement on my SP-570UZ.

But since then we got BSI CMOS sensors, and they beat ANY CCD for dynamic range, noise immunity and colour separation and saturation.

Except for not having a hot shoe, my SZ-30MR pocket P&S has taken over ALL the jobs that the SP-570UZ and the Stylus 9010 used to do.

Getting back to the SP range, it was turned into a collection of oversized P&S jobs. While I have learnt how to use the SCENE modes on my SZ-30MR to get round the lack of manual modes, I do feel that a P&S should fit into a pocket.

The UZI is not small by any stretch of the imagination, so you probably will not look at pocket P&S cameras.

In that case you might find that the Panasonic FZ-200 most closely matches most of your expectations. It is a 24x zoom camera with a 12 MP CMOS sensor and a constant f2.8 aperture. You get the benefit that the SDHC memory cards for it are actually available, and you do not need a kludge for an external flash as you do for the UZI. AND there is a fan boy group like there was for the UZI.

In my perception, for a combination of camera and religion, the Panasonic FZ-200 is more suitable than the UZI is now. Technically, the FZ-200 has not yet submerged in the depth of the digital stone age.


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