V1- can't get LCD to light up

Started Oct 17, 2013 | Questions thread
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Re: V1- can't get LCD to light up

Paul Pasco wrote:

This is quite common with the V1.... simply clean the sensor adjacent to the eyepiece and all should be good!

Cheers, D. Hamments
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That's probably the answer but I will add to clean carefully as at least one person here has damaged the little sensor trying to clean it. Try a rocket type blower first and if that fails I used a piece of lens cleaning tissue on the end of a flat wood toothpick and gently wiped a few times. Fixed it right up.
Regards, Paul

Lili's Dad

Thanks to both of you for what is probably the answer.  I will try it and report back.

But, can someone tell me how one is supposed to undo the setting of 'DISP to LCD_off', if the LCD remains off and therefore only the EVF is affected by pushing the DISP button?


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