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Re: What I take from all this.

Lawrencew wrote:

PhotoKhan wrote:

"different ball park" can be a elusive concept.

For instance, I am in the market for a second, small-sized, good-image-quality camera to complement my 1DMKIV and cater for the "camera" vector of a planned "light-travel" package.

The M(2) makes 99% sense, because of the ability to use the lenses I already have together with a couple of dedicated ones.

...But, suddenly, with this incredible Sony proposal, it starts to make sense selling half of my Canon lenses line-up, keeping only my preferred ones, add that to my already planned expense (M2 + 2 or 3 dedicated lenses) and go "double system".

But I don't think you and that scenario are the target market (yet) for the M system

Its for P&S upgraders and beginners... not FF users looking for a 2nd body.

This is where the M sits


Oh, and a 'Ladies Camera' in the Far East.

And if the M2 is just a refresh, that is where it will remain.
As yet, there is no solid evidence the M2 is anything other than a M mk2.

Of course, I will be happy to be proved otherwise.

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Quit saying it's a ladies' camera, it doesn't come in hot pink, does it?

Seriously, I was just in Japan, and there's no indication it was targeted at women. Also, it seems the big stores have the M, the Oly EM1 and other mirrorless prominently on display, with floor models for shoppers to play with.

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