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FF Prediction

I predict!!! loll

Well here it goes.... I dont think that Olympus can shake the market pressure for their customer's illusion that they require FF camera..We wentg through a phase where people thought they needed tons and tons of pixels (megapixels) and now people are moving towards thinking about  sensor size

Especially now that Sony has come up with this small FF camera Oly customers are going to wonder

So here is the prediction

Olympus will develop a FF camera ( Sony will be right there to help'em )

This camera will have a dual lens system compatibility 1) compatible with this new   Sony mount and 2nds, will work and be backwards compatible ( via adapter ) with legacy 4/3 type lenses... Obviously the legacy lenses will only send light to a portion of this sensor.... and a  bit like what Sony is doing you will lose some pixels..but who cares when the sensor has a bazillion pixels anyway

To justify the thought

1) I think that prices of large sensors have come down so has the price and size of the electronics that surrounds these sensors hence you can make the cameras smaller and cheaper

2) Like i mentionned previously; market pressure for FF

3) I think that Canikon will not have a choice but to develop medium size sensor cameras, so if this happens ( and it will   ) the current FF sensor would become perceived as a small sensor ( imagine the  perception for 4/3 format then!)

4) I think that Oly will be helping Sony to develop a sensible line of FF lenses for this A7 type and sony will help with the electronics portion, hence build and go to market with a nice common system

5) Just because they can!...That's what people think that they want , so they dont have a choice...As long as they take care of their legacy customers..why not!

Ok well all in good fun but lets see what happens


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