14-150 good asa an all around lens?

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Re: 14-150 good asa an all around lens?

The Oly 14-150 is a great lens for what it is. It's a travel zoom, with a 28-300mm FF FoV.

It's not the sharpest of lenses, but it's a great "ready for anything" daylight lens - making it ideal for daylight travel when stopping, pausing, considering, changing lenses (then repeating) and foot-zooming with primes may inconvenience not only yourself but others.

As such it's best to supplement it with a few primes for low light and less-hurried occasions.

It also has a fun MCON "macro" (closeup really) adapter lens.

Here are some shots (some with the older PL1):

14-150 + MCON


14-150 + MCON

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