Why to choose A7/7r over A77 ?

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Re: 4 adapters, might need 2 of them = $350 times TWO

EinsteinsGhost wrote:

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JimmyMelbourne wrote:

Moving to FF, and also moving away from SLT pellicle mirror will offset the loss of IS. The adapter however re-introduces SLT as part of the A mount adapter solution.

A problem I find with the later SLTs is it is hard to know what benefit IBIS is actually providing in real terms. I do not see a great difference when it is on or off in most shooting scenarios.

I also always had the impression that IBIS was a bit of a stab in the dark. It sometimes appears to do something, if that. I get around motion blur mostly through burst shooting. I shoot like 8+ shots, and then 1 or 2 come out without blur. Lot of work filtering out the blurry ones. I was thinking of creating a photo-organizing software that finds the blurry versions and tgas them for quicker reviewing and discarding.

But about those adapters. There are two flavors, each in two sizes.

v1 straight through
v2 SLT
v3 =v1 in FF
v4 =v2 in FF

All do AF, either through that SLT based PDAF or in body CDAF (assisted by PDAF on sensor in some cases - but that's not proper full time PDAF as of yet).

If you want that best low light sensitivity, you need a v1 or v3 adapter.

If you want continue AF during video, and *fast* AF, you need a v2 or v4 adapter.

So, that's 2 adapters you need. Plus swapping, attaching, storing, tons of fidgeting.

$350 x 2 = $700 in adapters. You can almost get a used A77 for that...

Good grief.

Coincidentally, I bought (slightly used) LA-EA1 for $90, and later picked up LA-EA2 for $247 (Amazon). So, technically, I had two adapters for $337 briefly (sold LA-EA1 for $90 which sometimes I wish I hadn't, primarily to use my 35/1.8 and 135/2.8 STF). LA-EA2 is mostly used with Minolta 50/1.7, Minolta 200/2.8G HS, Sigma 24mm f/2.8, Minolta 35-70/4, Minolta 70-210/4 and Sigma 18-250 HSM OS.

Here's the more interesting part. Total cost of above lenses: $950 (there were some free lenses thrown in, which I don't count of use, like a 135/3.5, Minolta 28-85). Including the adapter, we're looking at $1200.

I do have the benefit of sharing A-mount lenses between the bodies (legacy lenses are always used on NEX) but with the right lens, the adapter can pay for itself. For example: Sigma 18-250 HSM OS ($450) plus LA-EA2: $700. Sony 18-200 OSS ($800). And the Sigma has OS, so the slow nature of the travel zoom gets the privilege of stabilization on NEX as well.

I *think* the Sigma 18-250 is on special right now @ $349...

But what's up with the crappy NEX lens selection? It's all so bridge-ish... Where the 17-50/f2.8 equivalent for instance?

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