X10 to X-M1?

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Re: X10 to X-M1, or the X-A1?

I am in a similar situation.  I just bought a XF1 and really really like it.  Now I am thinking of getting the X-A1.  I shoot JPEG only and these Fuji JPEGs are the best I have ever seen.  Coming from Sony it is like night and day.

John_I wrote:

CAcreeks wrote:

Agreed, X10 is really great at color rendition and (with DR set higher than 100) dynamic range.

The X-Trans will probably be more resistant to moire, while the Bayer sensor will probably produce sharper green detail. Overall results are likely to be very similar.

Personally I'm planning to get an X-A1 if the reviews (not yet available) are positive.

Thanks. Looks like a contender as well. I wonder if the same Fuji "magic" jpg rendition remains similar across EXR / XTrans and now Bayer sensors. Any feedback from readers who have looked into this in depth?

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