I suck...

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Re: I suck...

I understand what Don means, we have the same at our club, those that have and those like I have not

The comp was Monkeys

Three obviously with the best gear jetted off to Japan and got snow monkeys

I got a monkey from the local zoo

Some got monkies from the safari park

Guess who won

Why the exotic monkey pix off course

Apart from myself (new) all the others had cracking portfolio's, just not the exotic correct scenery

Though I do admit the lady of the three mega money team, did also win the MONARCH OF THE GLEN stag pics, and we all live amongst those Scottish Stags

Really what I and Don are I belive trying to say is if your  subject is in the correct surroundings then you really do have the edge

Jack McH

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uses his lantern to look for trouble.

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