Are you tempted to switch to Sony A7 or get one as well as your Fuji?

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Re: Are you tempted to switch to Sony A7 or get one as well as your Fuji?

Hi Greg, good question.

I feel pretty much content with my x-trans/foveon/film cameras and lenses. No intention to buy anything else other than (may be) H501Cm or XF23/1.4.

Personally I am not big fan of Sony's design, it looks to me like a little computer with the imaging sensor and the lens mount attached. Prefer cameras with traditional knobs/dials, I like to see all exposure settings at a glance even if the camera is powered off. Good news, EC dial is there, may be somebody on the design team still remembers XE-7 from Minolta/Leica honeymoon times

But I am interested to see how well A7/r will perform with legacy lenses. If well, then A7r could be a perfect solution for current Leica M users. You would get a second body to share Leitz glass AND ability to use fast Zeiss tele photo lenses with AF/IS.

I had S75, F707 once and still have NEX, and hope that this time Sony has done it right.



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