Who is buying a Sony A7/r to use with Pentax FA Limited lenses?

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Re: Who is buying a Sony A7/r to use with Pentax FA Limited lenses?

ET2 wrote:

Walt_A wrote:

I watched that part of the video and my interpretation would be that both have micro lenses but that the A7r is the only one that uses offset lenses to correct for light coming in at an angle.


Don't know why this would be, perhaps the size of the photodiode? Anyway time will tell how well they work.

To justify higher cost? Maybe it really does costs more to manufacture? I don't know. A7r is $500 more expensive.

We will find out how the corners perform with the A mount lenses once the cameras are selling. A7r probably will do better. Sony wouldn't add something to the higher priced model and make it worse with A mount lenses when they are selling $400 adapters.

My guess is the 36 MP camera has to have offset microlenses and the 24 MP doesn't really need them (50% larger pixels).

Notice he says that all that technology makes the 36 MP camera perform about equivalent to the 24 MP camera in terms of low light.

The 24 MP camera has about same pixel size as a 10 MP APS-C camera.  The 36 MP about the same as a 15 MP APS-C camera, this makes the design require things like gapless microlenses and such.

My guess is A7r is more expensive because people are willing to pay for it. I am buying the 7 since I require the faster sync speed and electronic first shutter of the A7 which are absent on the A7r.


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