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Re: Sony RX10 is interesting for m4/3 users

I've been watching M43 with great interest since it was first introduced. The promise of a good stills/hybrid camera was really, really enticing, as was a single system that could include both a compact "take-everywhere" camera and a higher-end more capable body that I could share lenses with.

My stills needs aren't demanding - I hardly ever print pictures, and when I do I don't print large. Pretty much any enthusiast camera these days is more than adequate for that. But I won't buy a camera unless it can do 1080p60 video with full manual control over exposure, white balance, focus, etc. in video mode. And an articulating or at least tilt screen is also a huge plus for me.

I waited four years for the compact "take-everywhere" M43 camera that met my needs, and it still isn't here. The GX7 with the new compact 12-32 lens might almost work, but it would be marginal and the lens was only just announced. Too late.

Last year after watching Panasonic roll out compact after compact with 1080p60 capability, I grew tired of waiting for an equivalent M43 camera and I bought a Panasonic X900 camcorder.  It was the right time as I had a number of video projects I've now been able to pursue.

A couple of months ago, tired of waiting for a "take-everywhere" camera with 1080p60, I finally gave up and bought a Sony RX100M2.  It's an amazing tool for the size, and I'm very impressed with it.  It does everything I need in such a camera, and more.

Now I'm faced with what to replace my Pentax DSLR with. I need a stills/video hybrid that has a longer range of focal lengths than the RX100M2 with the ability to replace my camcorder. I've sort of been holding out hope for M43, but I'm slowly realizing that I'm not going to be able to justify the cost to cover the range of focal lengths at the speeds I'd want.

Enter the RX10. Like the RX100M2, it's basically offering almost everything I'm looking for. Yes, it's a fixed lens - but combined with the 1" sensor I've grown to admire so much the specs are very good and it covers almost all the range I need.  I'd love for it to go wider, but for ultra-wide footage I think I can probably live with my GoPro hero.

I'm not in a hurry, but I'm going to be watching this pretty carefully.  It might just be the nail in the coffin of my M43 aspirations.

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