Swapping EM1 for A7

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Re: Swapping EM1 for A7

ianbrown wrote:

Well just my luck only had the EM1 for a week and Sony bring a FF compact system camera out!!!!

Dont get me wrong I really like the EM1, BUT, before I invest in quality lenses for the EM1 I will stick it up for sale.

At least I shouldn't loose too much as the body is difficult to get at the moment

Any one else thinking of swapping?

Ok before anyone says it I have had a few cameras, but like many the A7 is the one I have been waiting for!


Whatever floats your boat, Ian.

The E-M1 is a superb performer, I can see that even with the little time I've had to exercise it, and I can see no point to swapping to another system which has IMO far less of a system supporting it. Never mind the E-M1's excellent image quality, ergonomics, etc etc.

I trust Olympus' notion of a pro grade camera a lot more than Sony's.

Some of us actually prefer smaller format cameras too. They have a different image dynamic than the bigger cameras.

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