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Elliern wrote:

Nigel Wilkins wrote:

Donald B wrote:

Its not that our photography sucks, its just that we don't have the money to spend on photography as others do. at our local camera club members travel the world just to take competition photos, me the local park is all I can afford . I'm involved in dance photography, and have a school to shoot in 2 weeks, but love visiting Richard Calmes dance photography it would rate as one of the best in the world , I would love to spend 6 hours photographing one dancer for the ultimate shot , I get 1min max when shooting the schools. LOL

cheers don

Sorry Don, but this is utter rubbish. If you want to take a shot of something specific, make it happen. How hard can it be to get dancer to do what they love and get free photos?

I see many excellent images taken within walking distance of the photographers home. In fact, travelling a long distance to do photography is usually counter productive. Think landscapes, which is my speciality. You can spend $3000 travelling half way around the world, only to find the weather's not what you want & you come home with a load of dreary grey snapshots. On the other hand, you can sit at home studying the local weather, then go out when it starts looking interesting & get some amazing shots.

Look at it another way, if I go for a walk & take some photos in a local 16th century church, then sent them to you, 10,000 miles away, would they be any better for the distance?

I have little money for travelling, but I'm very happy with my work. If you're not happy with yours, money is in no way to blame, unless you can't afford any kind of camera.

You are absolutely correct, Nigel. I also belong to camera clubs where many vacation around the US, go on safaris and trips to other countries and return with beautiful shots. Some are once in a lifetime trips. Those same people get most of their shots from nearby places. About once a year, we will have a competition where you must photograph something within a 10 minute walk of your home. Try it sometime. It is fun and challenging.

I am blessed to live in an area with many types of photo opportunities. But most mornings, I get up and walk around our condominium complex just to see what is new that I can photograph. Often not much is happening, but many times I see something really worthy of shooting.

I think you guys misunderstood me. I take great photos and have nearly won photographer of the year at our local club with simple shots around my home town, and also very happy with my dance photography as not many photographers put the effort into dance photography where I live, its the same as jim he is a great photographer, but it would be nice to go to the next level. for me time and money stop me going any further as I enjoy other things more. give up the day time job and anything is possible.

cheers don

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