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Except for the improved zoom-reach at both ends of the zoom I don't think this one is gonna be any better than the CX6. As far as I know most other specifications are below CX6 and there is no aperture mode or even Phase detection AF. Clearly a renamed Sanyo compact which in fact should have been named Pentax as it is definitely more like their super-zoom compacts rather than Ricoh if we look at other things like button-layout etc.

Hopefully it might at least have good image quality without too much smudging.

mjdundee wrote:

Runnicle wrote:

The original announcement did appear here back in late August. Camera was said to be "for Europe only" and set for release late last month, with pricing not yet set when news story appeared.

Thks - I obviousely have missed this. 'Europe only'?!

Very mysterious.

Maybe Ricoh in Japan which have a bigger market share there already knew that their fans there probably not would welcome it very well as it mostly seems to have worse specs and UI than the best CX-models from Ricoh and took the decision to release it in Europe only for some reason.

There has been opposite ways around in the past but less extreme such. Like the shock and waterproof Ricoh RDC-100G which probably not was sold outside Japen even though the newer RDC-200G and the follwing G-series cameras was sold in most regions.

There was also a rare all black Ricoh Caplio RR30 which I believe only was intended for Japan as well.

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