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Re: Considering, certainly.

GBC wrote:

Jonas Palm wrote:

Brian Caslis wrote:

I don't know why people complain about the E-M1 being "too big" because it's the same size as the A7 body. That was one of the reasons for the E-M1, to add the grip and better buttons than the E-M5. You can't make tiny and usable. The E-M1 / A7 size is about the smallest to make a fully usable body.

I disagree, obviously. And so does every m43 shooter in existence (except for GH3 owners, possibly) because the E-M1 is the biggest m43 camera there is. Every previous m43 camera was smaller. And believe it or not, people made images with them. Good ones, too.

Not this m43 user. I think you don't actually know what you are talking about.
People make great images with iphones and the pentax q, I fail to see your point.

That Brian made an idiotic statement, basically. "You can't make tiny and useable". Of course you can, and the images show it.

The prime practical advantages of m43 vs. FF for people have been size and price. With the E-M1 evolving into larger and more expensive, and the A7 to the smaller and somewhat less expensive for FF, suddenly the formats meet in the middle with the same sizes and cost. And lets not kid ourselves, the A7s are going to offer better image quality, and more DOF flexibility. Are the advantages of the E-M1 enough to overcome the imaging advantages of modern Sony FF sensors? For me, that's not an easy question to answer.

And for you the answer is likely yes.

Personally, even though I find the features of the E-M1 appealing, I think larger bodies is a suicidal direction to take for m43 in general. They should play to the unique strengths of their format, rather than try to emulate other formats. Arguably, that's what killed regular 43s.

So you think that the if the new panasonic GM1 is better than the Em1, because it is smaller?

I think the size of the GM1 is a HUGE advantage.

But then again, size was the reason why I swapped my Canon FF system for the m43 system in the first place. And I kept gravitating towards the more compact solutions in medium format and 35mm respectively as well, back in the film days.

It is unfortunate that the japanese manufacturers tend to equate smaller systems with point and shoot in terms of controls. They are very much into stratification of the market. While some simplification is reasonable, cameras such as the fuji X20 show that small cameras can have good physical controls as well.

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