Swapping EM1 for A7

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The REAL deal breakers for me

sigala1 wrote:

Jorginho wrote:

A problem was and is the lens size. You will not get smaller lenses here. Dealbreaker to me.
Another problem is the current lens availability.
Another one: we have not a clue how well it works. where are the thorough reviews? Of course nothing yet.
Another one, which ot me is very important in buying an topline new cam: weathersealing. It seems that it is not on par with the E-M1.
I did not get APS-c mirrorless systems because of the lens size was not an improvement. Same is the case here. I do not see a reason to cut on body size only to end up with three or 4 honking lenses in my bag....

But: have fun with it! If the price gets considerably lower I could buy a 18-35 mm for it and have a very good and (for a FF) smallish landscpae cam..Burt even here mFT is really good enough for me.

The 35mm FE lens is the same size as the Olympus 17mm.

I find this amusing.  People found one lens that is smaller than an Olympus lens, but obviously most Micro 4/3 lenses are smaller and many significantly smaller.

The zoom lenses are bigger, but in the same size category as the f/2.8 zooms, and SMALLER than the legacy 4/3 zooms.

One reason for micro 4/3 is because lenses are smaller and lighter than older 4/3 lenses.  I don't get why people keep bringing them up.  The can use Alpha lenses with an adpater, why are they left out but legacy 4/3rds are mentioned?  It makes no sense.

And when you consider that an f/4 lens is like an f/2 lens on m43, the f/4 Zeiss lens is pretty small.

For DoF yes, for exposure, no.  The Zeiss is still very large, and kills the idea of a small over all package.  The 55mm lens is also very large, and also kills the idea of a small overall package.

The FE lenses (except the 70-200mm) are  smaller than comparable FF lenses from Canon and Nikon.

That has nothing to do with the topic and is called a "Strawman".  We are comparing the EM1 and the A7.

Here is what REALLY kills the deal for me, most of my pictures are taken at 80+mm.   I have a lot at 150mm.  The A7 offer no good option, and when it does it will probably cost $1200+ and be very very large.

The other thing is I am getting DSLR like results for focus tracking with the EM1.  From my trials with the NEX 6, I doubt the A7s can compete.  I am glad to wait and would be happy if they can, but from Sony's history, I am not holding my breath.  I did see users test that say the A7 focus slower than Micro 4/3 cameras.

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