Swapping EM1 for A7

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Needlessly bloated??

Olympus has clearly (I thought) indicated that the E-M1 is considered a 'Pro' level camera -- not a pocketable ILC for casual shooters.

The fact is that as good as the E-M5 is, it is lacking in user interface and the the controls are bit on the cramped side. I am looking right now at my E-M5 with full battery grip sitting next to my new E-M1 with battery grip and they are almost the same size -- the very small increase in the size of the E-M1 is clearly the result of additional and better placed direct controls that a professional or advanced photographer would benefit from.

To the best of my understanding, Olympus is still offering m4/3 models that are very small for the shooter who considers that the priority.

If you really think the new Sony cameras are the equivalent in size to the E-M1, then you haven't thought the system through very carefully, as the Sony lenses across the board will be heavier, larger, and more expensive than m4/3 equivalent lenses.

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