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Re: Not even close for me

Sure, I like the idea of a FF compact form factor. One I could use some sweet Leica glass and get beautiful and creamy bokeh and thin DOF. But when you look at it, I don't think the Sony A7 is necessarily "functionally"compact. Here's what I mean. First of all, the lenses. FF lenses are mostly pretty big. I know some are M43 size, but most aren't, especially the zooms. I'm sorry, but Sony didn't all of a sudden change the laws of physics and shrink FF lenses. Also, since this cam doesn't have IBIS (a *huge* oversight, IMO), and most of their lenses are non-stabilized, it necessitates that you utilize a bulky tripod much more frequently than you would the E-M1, whose IBIS, by all accounts, equals a 4 stop advantage over non-stabilized camera. So now you have to carry a tripod to appreciate the full benefit of their (probably wonderful) FF sensor. So now we are back to big and bulky. Since I don't do studio work and I use my camera on the go quite a bit, I don't want to take a tripod. Also the weather sealing and ruggedness of the EM-1 is top notch. Probably much better that the partly plastic Sony. And from what I understand the UI on Sony cameras is a nightmare (I haven't used one, myself). I know, I know, some people hate the Oly UI. I like it though. It just too a while to learn all the ins and outs. Now it's second nature. Finally the Sony doesn't have nearly as many physical controls as the E-M1. Who knows how that will work out. Also the $$. Body and lenses significantly more expensive. So for me, its the E-M1. My $0.02.

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