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Tom Caldwell wrote:

mjdundee wrote:

Runnicle wrote:

The original announcement did appear here back in late August. Camera was said to be "for Europe only" and set for release late last month, with pricing not yet set when news story appeared.

Thks - I obviousely have missed this. 'Europe only'?!

Very mysterious.

"Mysterious" indeed:

Pentax designs Theta 180 degree camera on a stick, Ricoh markets it.

Pentax announces K-01 discontinued. Makes another (small?) run of the camera in blue livery.

CX model disappears without a trace or even a wave of goodbye, HZ-15 appears with odd designation "for Europe only".

GR carries on the GRD theme but leaves not a few GRD features out - phase detect window, image stablisation and close macro for three - obviously engineering problems? GR selling like "hot potatoes".

GRD is last (?) of Ricoh's small sensor cameras, or was until the HZ-15.

Vapour clues that the GXR is not finished but the best we ever got out of Ricoh is that it is still listed as a current model and that they were still "thinking about" a new model.

All this adds up to scratching the bottom of the barrel for things to sell whilst waiting for fresh supplies to come through the rivers by bullock waggon in the "wet" season. When might it stop raining?

Side issues: Sony supplies quite a few major parts to Ricoh - they seem to be taking "for ever" to get their long rumoured NEX FF camera to market. Any connection between this and no sign of a GXR replacement is purely fantasmagorical.

I can't wait and order the HZ15 from UK, from the specification I don't like the entry level 3" LCD.

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