How could you fit an A7/A7r with a 50mm lens in your pocket?

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Re: How could you fit an A7/A7r with a 50mm lens in your pocket?

Mel Snyder wrote:

No matter how you slice it, a 50mm lens is going to need about 2 inches to the sensor surface.

Answer: Use a collapsable Leica screw mount 50mm - just as we did in the 1960s to make a Leica rangefinder pocketable.

Most compact is a prewar f3.5 Leica Elmar or an Russian "Industrar" collapsable - really, really small

I checked, and there were several Leica collapsable 50mm lenses on eBay, most in the $300-500 range, and Industrars around $50. Bet they go fast as people recognize this is how you can make an A7 pockatable.

Glad I never sold my Canon f1.9 collapsable. a bit soft wide open, and nowhere near my 50mm f2 Summicron. But it will make an A7 pocketable (at least in a jacket pocket).

And my 35mm f1.4 will be darn near pocketable on an A7. I saw one 35mm Summicron collapsable on eBay...


I don't know if you have this problem with the 50/3.5, but with mine the height of the LTM-NEX adapter prevented the lens from locking into infinity and vice-versa. The way I got around it was to stack an LTM-C adapter onto a C-NEX adapter. That combo will cause vignetting with wider lenses but not the elmar.

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