Why to choose A7/7r over A77 ?

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Re: Fairly simple for me...

zackiedawg wrote:

sensibill wrote:

So where'd you read about those, or are you just guessing?

Just personal opinion, belief, and faith.

Well, at least you're not bashing on the people who don't share that. I give you credit where it's due. And I hope you're right, either way.

Just as some folks seem to feel very strongly that A-mount is dead, NEX rangefinder bodies will only be full frame, and all future cameras will be e-mount (also without any proof)

It's not that all 'doubters' believe A mount is entirely dead. We can see the leaked product roadmap with a high end A99 type (FF, presumably) camera for 2014, but as for APS-C models like a revamped SLT or mirrorless answer to the SLR/SLT lines that have been dropped? That's the question.

, I feel very strongly that A-mount will continue to have A-mount bodies without adapters required in the future, and E-mount APS-C bodies will continue to be released regularly in the same compact rangefinder type bodystyles as the NEX5-6-7.

Let's hope.

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