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Jim Radcliffe wrote:

Basalite wrote:

Just because you were viewing sites showcases images doesn't mean "the gear" is not important. Gear that takes superior pictures and that allows you to more easily take your pictures is most certainly important.

The technical side of photography is not difficult to learn. The artistic side is the more challenging. The most important part though is knowing how what you see with your eyes gets translated to the image. Often times what looks impressive through our eyes makes for lousy pictures.

I did not say the gear was not important I said the ability to see, visualize, compose, anticiipate.. is more important. If you don't see the shot.. the gear really doesn't matter does it?

My remark had to do with the final remark in your OP. It's OK to say the first part without having to qualify it by saying the last part, especially when you are assuming people don't already do as you suggested.

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