Swapping EM1 for A7

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Re: No not yet.

Jorginho wrote:

A problem was and is the lens size. You will not get smaller lenses here. Dealbreaker to me.
Another problem is the current lens availability.
Another one: we have not a clue how well it works. where are the thorough reviews? Of course nothing yet.
Another one, which ot me is very important in buying an topline new cam: weathersealing. It seems that it is not on par with the E-M1.
I did not get APS-c mirrorless systems because of the lens size was not an improvement. Same is the case here. I do not see a reason to cut on body size only to end up with three or 4 honking lenses in my bag....

But: have fun with it! If the price gets considerably lower I could buy a 18-35 mm for it and have a very good and (for a FF) smallish landscpae cam..Burt even here mFT is really good enough for me.

The 35mm FE lens is the same size as the Olympus 17mm.

The zoom lenses are bigger, but in the same size category as the f/2.8 zooms, and SMALLER than the legacy 4/3 zooms. And when you consider that an f/4 lens is like an f/2 lens on m43, the f/4 Zeiss lens is pretty small.

The FE lenses (except the 70-200mm) are  smaller than comparable FF lenses from Canon and Nikon.

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