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Nigel Wilkins wrote:

Sounds odd, but personally I now spend probably 14 hours planning & travelling to & from every location I intend to shoot. After spending no more than 1 hour at the location, I usually come home with a couple of images I'm happy with. Sometimes I come back with nothing, but that's ok because I enjoy the experience & it also keeps me fitter than I would be otherwise.

That sounds reasonable enough.  I think you need to sort of keep in practice, though, to make the most of that hour of shooting.  It's not something I think you could do once every three months, because you get "out of shape" in terms of skills (notably "seeing").  Prior to the birth of our daughter, I would go out pretty regularly shooting in local parks.  I was shooting slide film at the time and might spend a morning shooting 1 roll or so, with only a handful of keepers.

Also, I now spend most of my holiday time with my family, rather than trying to photograph everything. In fact, I hardly ever take my camera out of it's bag on holiday.

I've been carrying my RX100 in a pants pocket ... just for album shots ... mostly of family, not so much of scenery.

But my main thing these last 10 years has been events related to my daughter.  Birthday parties, then school concerts and talent shows, plays, dance recitals, hockey, softball, cheerleading ... I take pictures of lots of other kids involved in those events and share them.  It's been pretty rewarding, and I've gotten pretty good at shooting those types of things.  But it's going to come to an end (already, trying to shoot candids of kids is completely different; they're much more self-conscious in the tween years than as little kids) and I'll get back to something more contemplative

- Dennis

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