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Re: Sony RX10 is interesting for m4/3 users

jim stirling wrote:

MAubrey wrote:

The lens on the RX100 already resolves quite poorly according to DxO. With a lens even more complicated, I would imagine that this will do even worse.

No thanks.

I would expect the reverse I believe that this will be a higher quality lens than that in the RX100. Its all about convenience

Well, maybe at some focal lengths, but that's a lot of class squeezed into a small space with greater extremes at both ends (24mm-e vs 28mm-e & 200mm-e vs 100mm-e). That seems like it will entail a lot of compromise, particularly with a constant f/2.8...which is where diffraction begins on a 1" sensor anyway. I doubt its going to be a particularly consistent zoom.

I don't know. We'll see what happens. I'd rather be cynical now and pleasantly surprised later than excited up front and disappointed.

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