Undecided Canon 6D or 70D or possibly the Nikon D610

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Re: Undecided Canon 6D or 70D or possibly the Nikon D610

I looked at your gallery and don't think you are that bothered about the technical aspects of the cameras or photography as an art form.  In that sense the differences between 6D and 70D and D610 are nuances - unless you enjoy telling people in the golf club about cameras and in this case you should switch to Nikon because the image quality is better at the moment.

For enjoying your hobby I would consider a switch to either Fuji X or the new Sony full-frame mirror less.  They are smaller and lighter and deliver images that will please you - I think.  Technically they are state-of-the-art and better overall, I think, than anything Canon or Nikon deliver

If you nurture a dream about becoming a better photographer I would invest in a course or buy a quality lens - yours are average and good enough for what you are doing.

Difficult choice but you look like you are enjoying your life.  You could always live the dream and buy a Leica.

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