Why to choose A7/7r over A77 ?

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Re: Why to choose A7/7r over A77 ?

Dave Oddie wrote:

JimmyMelbourne wrote:

Moving to FF, and also moving away from SLT pellicle mirror will offset the loss of IS.

No it won't. Why would it?

Camera shake is camera shake and the idea of putting my 70-300G in an A7 with an adapter making it even more unwieldy and getting remotely as many keepers just doesn't wash.

If you have the ability to go higher ISO without affecting IQ with noise then you can increase your shutter speed therefore reducing the effect of camera shake. FF and reduction of pellicle mirror enables this. Of course it would be even better to have FF, no pellicle and IBIS all together.

The adapter however re-introduces SLT as part of the A mount adapter solution.

A problem I find with the later SLTs is it is hard to know what benefit IBIS is actually providing in real terms. I do not see a great difference when it is on or off in most shooting scenarios.

Then I think you must be forgetting to switch it on!

I even use it with my 11-18 in museums along with MFNR to take photos impossible without IS.

If the o/p has a collection of a-mount lenses I think after the novelty of the new camera has worn off that adapter, which as you say includes the SLT mirror anyway, will be a source of endless annoyance.

With the adapter you end up with an SLT minus IS.

I think if anyone has a decent collection of A-mount lenses they would be mad to buy an E mount body to run them on.

I can see the attraction of e-mount if you have no A-mount lenses so will be buying e-lenses for AF and O?S and fancy sticking old manual focus lenses on it. The latter doesn't interest me at all. I have a Helios 58mm F2 that does work on an A mount body I got as a portrait lens.

Never use it. AF and DMF are so much more fun!

The appeal for me is to have 1 camera, which I can use as a smaller size FF with primes, or I can turn it into a larger camera supporting longer lenses. It enables me to move to Full Frame, re- use my existing lenses and develop a new FF capability in a smaller body. The adapter in the middle does not seem to be much of a bother for me, considering the cameras I use now are big anyway. But i am also keen on seeing how well these new cameras operate with A mount glass.

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