Are you tempted to switch to Sony A7 or get one as well as your Fuji?

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Re: Are you tempted to switch to Sony A7 or get one as well as your Fuji?

Astrophotographer 10 wrote:

A small compact full frame with those absolutely gorgeous 24 and 36mp sensors is very tempting.

How many are tempted?


Nope, someone has to be first.

I would not necessarily run and buy a first generation of anything. With that it is a matter of time before other manufactures make changes.

I would not be surprised that everything returns to its Film roots where their was just a SLR or p&s that were 35 mm, medium format and so forth.

Digital gives the manufactures the means to make lots of money with little improvements. Same thing I think about Cell Phones. Same with a manufacture just changing pixel count, OH.. a great example is the Nikon D600 - D610, oil whatever, it was Nikon needs a new camera release.

Anyway, unless you need a certain technological improvement it is a waste of money to buy into because you know in a year or two it will cost $500 less whatever...

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