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Re: I suck...

Dennis wrote:

Nigel Wilkins wrote:

Dennis wrote:

Jim Radcliffe wrote:

On the contrary, Lee. Viewing those amazing shots just lets me know that I can do better and that it's not so much the gear that I need but more time out shooting and planning.

That's the discouraging thing for me ... knowing that I'll never have the time to devote to photography to become nearly as good as the many, many excellent photographers out there.

Why not Dennis?

Well, I suppose I should never say never. Short term, anyway, work (and a 2-hour round trip commute), home & family life take priority, leaving little time remaining. And it's a conscious decision. My daughter will head off to college one day, get a job, and I'll miss spending time with her. That's not to say I can't (or don't) find time to enjoy photography, but not enough time to produce work that I admire. I've read a number of articles on accomplished photographers in which an "understanding family" is credited for the photographers success. To me, that implies sacrifices I don't want to make.

Sounds perfectly reasonable. An alternative might be to concentrate the time you do have on making less images.

Sounds odd, but personally I now spend probably 14 hours planning & travelling to & from every location I intend to shoot. After spending no more than 1 hour at the location, I usually come home with a couple of images I'm happy with. Sometimes I come back with nothing, but that's ok because I enjoy the experience & it also keeps me fitter than I would be otherwise.

If I just go on a holiday somewhere for say a week, I might take loads of photos, but come home with maybe 10 that I like & maybe 1 or 2 that I feel are good enough to show. A pretty poor return for the investment in time. Also, I now spend most of my holiday time with my family, rather than trying to photograph everything. In fact, I hardly ever take my camera out of it's bag on holiday.

This all came about by spending years taking thousands of photos, just for the sake of photography. I spent so much time just snapping away that I never really had time to look at what I was producing & learn from it.

It's taken me a few years to get to this point, but overall, it's concentrated my mind & I improve at a much quicker rate (IMO). I'm also much happier with what I produce & spend a lot more time looking forward to making my next image.

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