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Donald B wrote:

Its not that our photography sucks, its just that we don't have the money to spend on photography as others do. at our local camera club members travel the world just to take competition photos, me the local park is all I can afford . I'm involved in dance photography, and have a school to shoot in 2 weeks, but love visiting Richard Calmes dance photography it would rate as one of the best in the world , I would love to spend 6 hours photographing one dancer for the ultimate shot , I get 1min max when shooting the schools. LOL

cheers don

Well, here are some additional thoughts on your most candid and interesting post. I hope you will bear with me because my views are a bit different from yours, but I hope they will be helpful.

For one thing, I am skeptical of camera clubs as artistic fora. Too conventional photography for my tastes. I would entirely forget competitions, too conventional. It is fun to discuss gear, though.

Gianni Galassi lives in Rome, a beautiful city, but his style of photography, fragments of industrial buildings, could be done anywhere, it is well worth studying.

Carolyn Hammett's work is travel photography and it does involve travel to beautiful places.

But Andre Kertesz's work, or Vivian Maier's work, could be done in any big city. It would be worth studying how they approached photography.

My experience suggests that photos are best when one understands a lot about what is being photographed. If you know a lot about butterflies, you can take outstanding butterfly photos; similarly for dance, or cities, or whatever you know a great deal about. Since you evidently know a great deal about dance, your dance photos are potentially very good if you have time to take them. Perhaps if you got to know the individual dancers well, you could take portfolio shots for them?

Hope this helps,


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