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Nigel Wilkins wrote:

Dennis wrote:

Jim Radcliffe wrote:

On the contrary, Lee. Viewing those amazing shots just lets me know that I can do better and that it's not so much the gear that I need but more time out shooting and planning.

That's the discouraging thing for me ... knowing that I'll never have the time to devote to photography to become nearly as good as the many, many excellent photographers out there.

Why not Dennis?

Well, I suppose I should never say never.  Short term, anyway, work (and a 2-hour round trip commute), home & family life take priority, leaving little time remaining.  And it's a conscious decision.  My daughter will head off to college one day, get a job, and I'll miss spending time with her.  That's not to say I can't (or don't) find time to enjoy photography, but not enough time to produce work that I admire.  I've read a number of articles on accomplished photographers in which an "understanding family" is credited for the photographers success.  To me, that implies sacrifices I don't want to make.

- Dennis

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