Why is the SLT-A58 so cheap, any obvious reasons?

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Re: Why is the SLT-A58 so cheap, any obvious reasons?

Vikas Rana wrote:

Oleg L K wrote:

There are much more reports on focus errors with A58 than for the previous generation of A-mount cameras.

Looks like we are back to the days of A100/A200/A230/A300/A330/A350. In the later cameras the focus became better, but now screwed-up again.

Which is unacceptable of course.

I am totally disagree with you, I've A58 and used it in 8 to 10 trips in last 2 months and never faced a single problem. If your A58 have any issue than pls get it checked by service center

In the older A100+ generation the focusing error was _not_ a malfunction of a specific camera, but exaggerated tolerance in the design and/or production. You are either lucky or not at the time of purchase. If you are unlucky, there is nothing you can do. The camera may focus with 2-3 lenses you checked in store, but then you buy another lens and you eat it. Moreover, where I live there's no option to buy Sony DSLR in a local store.

I don't have A58, and won't buy it unless I have no choice. I have two A100 bodies that are 100% perfectly fit from Sony's point of view, but they have severe focus errors with some lenses. And since the bodies alone match design specs, they cannot be serviced. Newer A55 works fine with the lenses "rejected" by both my A100-s.

The problem with A58 is that there's considerable probability to buy a poor focusing camera, and if you get one you are stuck. They won't replace it (since it's OK by the specs).

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