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Re: I suck...

My camera must be broken: my images with aren't nearly as good as some of those posted here and in the other  photo forums, with the same (G1X) camera.

Seriously, though, I find looking at art (paintings, sculpture, architecture) helpful, I am learning to see what I am looking at. This has helped me more than looking at very good photographs posted on the internet. The exceptions are the work of Gianni Galassi, and Carolyn Hammett and Vivian Maier  and Andre Kertesz are exceptions, looking at their work has been helpful.

I also so better when photographing something I understand, cities for example.

I often shoot establishing shots first, with a wide angle, usually 28 mm, and then shoot more detail with a sort telephoto setting, say   85 or 100mm.  I find my  establishing shots are often dull and lifeless, or else too busy, however. And my telephoto image  often seems off-kilter, as far as what it includes and excludes is concerned.

What i have done recently is crop from the initial wide angle establishing photo. I find that with cropping, much better images emerge than the original wide angle shot and also much better than the subsequent telephoto shot as well, because I have more time to frame the shot accurately. This procedure has considerably improved my photos.


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