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Re: I suck...

Jim Radcliffe wrote:

On the contrary, Lee. Viewing those amazing shots just lets me know that I can do better and that it's not so much the gear that I need but more time out shooting and planning.

That's the discouraging thing for me ... knowing that I'll never have the time to devote to photography to become nearly as good as the many, many excellent photographers out there.  But OTOH it's good to keep things in perspective; basically, to have reasonable expectations.

Understanding what good photographers do (and have done for years) to produce what they show you makes you realize that you're not going to produce NatGeo quality work on your family vacation to the Grand Canyon.  You're not going to produce great street photos during that 4-day trip to NYC.  And then you can refocus on taking great pictures of things that you can specialize in.  Even if it's just your kids or your neighborhood or a local theater or dance troupe, etc.

I've been reading essays by Brooks Jensen recently that have been very interesting.  I'm not sure how much he's posted that's freely available on his site; I've been enjoying a subscription to LensWork and his very insightful ebook, "Letting Go Of The Camera", is available to subscribers.

BTW, you don't suck   Or if you do, then I suck worse !!!

- Dennis

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