Are you tempted to switch to Sony A7 or get one as well as your Fuji?

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Re: Not tempted to switch, but tempted to not get the Fuji

shigzeo ? wrote:

WT21 wrote:

I am not yet a Fuji user, but the Sony gives me pause. The A7 could be used with just about ANY lens with the right adapter, include (albeit slow) AF with my Canon lenses. With Fuji, I'd have to get all new lenses. With the Sony, I could get the body first, and use existing lenses (which is good, given the lack of Sony lenses and options).

I want to see what the XE2 has to offer (faster operation, faster AF speed, wifi, touch screen for AF point selection -- I'd like to see those in there), but the Sony definitely gives pause.

X ILC cameras are even more adaptable than Sony's cams are for the reason that their flange distance is even shorter than the Sony NEX cams. But Sony's cams lave less EVF lag and the new ones work on a traditional film size making old lens use better than ever.

In reality current X cameras have troubles with wide-ish rangefinder lenses (I have several). The NEX5n worked well enough, and this time Sony emphasized on the new microlenses design so I expect it to do a decent job.

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