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Jim Radcliffe wrote:

Clueless Wanderer wrote:

...Just curious. If you see a scene and decide to get the camera out, do you get it out and shoot or do you first double check by closing one eye?

The reason I ask, is that if your not closing one eye you're are seeing the scene through two eyes, giving you depth. Depth that enhances the view.

The camera is only a single eye (metaphorically speaking). A single eye cannot show depth. Without this depth perception the scene looks flat and very different. If you close one eye and the scene still looks good, then take the shot.

If you haven't used the one eye technique, try it now. Just look at the room around you with one eye closed and you will see the room as the camera does.

Over time I have been able to visualize in rectangles and squares.. hard to explain but when I look at a scene, I mentally frame it in various aspect ratios. If it really looks good to me I pull out the camera and go to the viewfinder to see if my mind got it right. I guess you might call what I do as using mental frame lines.

Have you heard of Jeremy Cowart? He takes awesome photographs and he hasn't been a photographer as long as you would think. He was a graphic designer who picked up a camera and applies his old trade to his newer one.

Once I learn't of his past, I decided to learn the very basic's of graphic design. I only did it for a week and then applied the very little I had learnt (compared to what it takes to be a graphic designer) to my photography and it took a huge leap forward. Still a gazillion miles away from Jeremy Cowart's work but it did help me head off on in a whole new direction..

Give it a try Jim

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